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Water Tank Cleaning & Disinfection (WT)

We are providing best water tank cleaning & disinfection services in affordable price.

Water hygiene is so often taken for granted but now a days water tank cleaning & disinfection is very important. Bacteria including Legionella, E coli and TVC can be present in water tanks & Pipelines, reservoirs and cooling towers for numerous reasons so this is very important to do water tank cleaning & disinfection in every 6 months. Neglected water systems can be the perfect breeding ground for harmful bacteria which can spread disease and viruses so regular water tank cleaning can prevent these harmful bacteria. We are cleaning specialists of all types of domestic water storage tanks used for drinking water. These include concrete, plastic, poly, fiberglass, & galvanized iron water tanks. We are able to offer a comprehensive water tank cleaning & disinfection service to comply with all the requirements as set out by the Dubai Municipality Tanks are drained, physically scrubbed, hovered, disinfected and then re-instated for use. We use environmentally- friendly cleaning products in this process. The chemicals used are of food grade quality and can be disposed off into the local sewage system. All work is completed with health and safety as the highest priority.

Water Tank Cleaning & disinfection is important for general hygiene of water.

Local Order 11 of 2003, Dubai Municipality

Article (22): The competent department may coordinate and cooperate with the concerned authorities in the Emirate and the concerned regulatory units in the Municipality for specifying the health and technical conditions required for the safety and efficiency of water systems and connection to the drinking water collection tanks.
Article (23): The occupant shall be responsible for the cleanliness and safety of drinking water tanks in the building.
Article (24): if the competent department finds that the drinking water is contaminated it must issue the necessary resolutions to prevent the occurrence of any harm to the Public Health including to obligate the occupant to take the necessary procedures for securing provision of good drinking water.
Water Tank Cleaning Disinfection