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Marble Grouting, Grinding & Polishing (MP)

The crystallization is a method of marble or limestone floor finishing. It brings "mirror like" shine by chemical reaction on the surface of marble. Crystallization also creates micro film on the surface of marble, which is more solid and durable and helps to preserve the color and the brightness of the marble. Crystallization is a very good method for regular stone maintenance.

The crystallization process consists of spraying a fluid onto the marble floor and buffing it in with crystallizer pad under the buffing machine. The crystallizer pad generates heat though abrasion and the chemical react with the marble, producing a new compound on the surface of the stone. This procedure protects on the surface of the stone, adds shine and may even harden the stone, increasing its wears. It is extremely important that this process be carried out only by trained craftsmen who are thoroughly familiar with it.

Marble Grouting Grinding Polishing