Kitchen Duct Cleaning & Degreasing (KD)

Kitchen Duct Cleaning & Degreasing (KD)

The regular cleaning and maintenance of kitchen extraction systems is essential on both hygiene and fire safety grounds because during continued use over a sustained period of time, grease and other flammable substances accumulate within the ductwork, creating health and fire hazards. Our experienced team of kitchen exhaust cleaning technicians will first assess your business then advice and recommend which cleaning regimen is best suited to your circumstances. Our policy is to have dedicated teams servicing individual contracts, giving our clients the assurance that their extraction systems will be serviced by a regular team, thus maintaining consistency and quality throughout, not to mention the personal attention that such a set up will provide. In this policy, we aim to be the clients’ trusted management pat1ner in their daily operations. Our senior technicians have high levels of practical experience in the kitchen exhaust cleaning industry, and are fully trained in all aspects of the job, from surveying and assessing your specific requirements through completion. All of our procedures are governed by the NFPA Standard 96, as well as other pertinent local standards Dubai Municipality order no. 61/1991.

NFPA, Standard 96

11.4 Cleaning of Exhaust Systems

Upon inspection, if found to be contaminated with deposits from grease-laden vapors, the entire exhaust system shall be cleaned by a properly trained, qualified and CERTIFIED company or person (s) acceptable to the authority having jurisdiction in accordance with Section 11.3.

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