Designing and art work

Designing and art work

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Art and mirror hanging are not as simple as choosing a spot and driving a nail through the wall. The operation can sometimes be quite delicate and may require a degree of expertise that will surprise you. Factors like the weight of your hanging and the strength of the wall are involved, making professional intervention necessary. This is where HomeGenie comes to the rescue with professional painting hangers or a handyman to hang a heavy mirror. So go ahead and download the free HomeGenie app for Android and iOS, and let us take care of all your wall fixture hanging needs.

HomeGenie will make sure that your wall fixture experience remains fun – limited to going shopping for them and deciding where to hang them up. You will not need to sweat the details about technical stuff like the composition of the walls of your house that determine their strength. Nor should you be worried about the quality of our handyman’s work – a well-done job with sturdy fastenings will ensure there are no accidents that may place your family’s safety or the safety of your property at risk. Rest assured, HomeGenie’s painting hangers and mirror hanging service are professional, fully trained and reliable handymen. Our team is punctual and efficient, reaching your home at the date and time fixed by you. Once there, they will check the requirement, identify issues, finish the job and give you a demo of the completed task. The team will also carry out a post-service clean-up. Once completed, a well-done job may look like something you could have done yourself, but that should not reduce the importance of hiring a professional handyman who is conversant with the details. HomeGenie, aware of your busy schedule and commitments, offers its customers Emergency and Same Day facilities. Both facilities aim at getting your job done on priority. The Emergency service will have a handyman hanging your wall fixtures within 2 hours of your booking, at an extra charge. The Same Day facility will send a handyman to your home before 6 PM that day, provided the booking was made between 8 AM and 12 PM that day.

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